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Collectivism. Taking away your freedom to be

Collectivism sends the false message that just because people share a skin color or physical location or a citizenship then one person has a license to get in another person’s business. This intrusion ranges from the State telling a woman … Continue reading

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Briefly on the First Amendment

The First Amendment is a license from government that allows citizens to opine on the actions of government without fear of some punitive action in response.   Underscore, license. It is revocable. Somewhere, a brilliant government lawyer has already written … Continue reading

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Question is, why does #government have to regulate #cable #sports black outs

The Federal Communications Commission is seeking comment on whether it has the authority to eliminate its sports black out rules. These rules prevent cable companies, satellite companies, and open video network companies (typically local exchange companies) from importing a signal carrying a … Continue reading

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Why “God” does not make for good public education #policy

Public policy is like the white ball you use to knock the other balls on the pool table into the holes on the side.  I admit that’s about all I know about pool, but I use the analogy to describe … Continue reading

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#Philosophy vs. #religion

Philosophy is a guide, just a guide, for how you as an individual choose to engage others during the course of life. Religion is spawned when a small group takes a philosophy and turns it into a narrative to control … Continue reading

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What does Andrew Lanza not understand about freedom of speech

Recently, New York state senator Andrew Lanza took issue with a billboard in New York City’s Times Square that expressed the sentiment that Christmas can be celebrated without Christ.  The billboard was placed in the popular tourist destination by American … Continue reading

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Two hundred years of political #media power control marches, #boycotts, and sit-ins

Two interesting points from this Miami Herald article. First, the description of Governor Rick Scott’s intent not to seek a repeal of the Stand Your Ground law in Florida. He is described as being on “safe ground” on the issue … Continue reading

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Are we being corralled?

One form of capital that is growing, at least organically, is human physical capital and the private information that comes along with it.  For the moment, I distinguish this from human capital in the form of knowledge and skills.  Our … Continue reading

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Your authority

The biggest con perpetrated on man was the notion that authority comes from every other place but himself.

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Is the Justice Department into choosing victims and victors?

The U.S. Department of Justice appears to be front and center lately when it comes to market interference.  For an agency that promotes competition in the markets, its recent interference with the information markets and expressed opposition to certain players … Continue reading

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