3815 Media, Inc., is expanding in metro Atlanta …

Source: Georgia Department of Economic Development

ATLANTA, October 30, 2020 —The Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) today announced that content development, production, marketing and distribution company 3815 Media, Inc. is expanding with a new headquarters in Peachtree Corners. Founded by two-time Emmy Award-winning executive producer and Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council member Rushion McDonald, 3815 Media’s focus is identifying and promoting positive values for the Black community through diverse content creation.

“Investments from innovative companies like 3815 Media, Inc. are a testament to Georgia’s support for the film and production industries and to the investments Georgia has made in developing creative talent in the state,” said Georgia Department of Economic Development Commissioner Pat Wilson. “I thank Rushion McDonald for his continued investment in Georgia, and look forward to seeing the incredible opportunities he creates in Peachtree Corners with his commitment to producing quality content with an eye to diversity.”

Originally started in 2014, 3815 Media, Inc.’s expansion to 3201 Peachtree Corners Circle is expected to create 23 jobs in Gwinnett County. 3815 Media’s mission is to produce and market diverse content to consumers. Company Founder Rushion McDonald is also a multiple Emmy and NAACP Image Award-winner for television production and has produced national campaigns for State Farm, Ford, MGM, iHeartRadio, HBCU Week, ESPN, NBC, BET and ABC. He has written and produced for Steve Harvey, Kevin Hart, Taraji P. Henson, Mo’Nique, Gabrielle Union, Tia and Tamera Mowry, Stephen A. Smith, Jamie Foxx and many other household names.

“It was a no brainer for me to open 3815 Media in a city recognized as one of the best places to live in the entire State of Georgia thanks to its education quality, low crime rate, cost of living, employment and access to amenities,” said 3815 Media CEO Rushion McDonald. 

3815 Media, Inc.’s additional staff will include graphic designers, legal experts, talent managers, producers, creative strategists, virtual exhibit designers, marketing experts and more. Individuals interested in working for 3815 Media, Inc. who have experience in graphic design, social media, digital marketing and SEOs are encouraged to email their resumes to Rushion@3815Media.com. 3815 Media, Inc. will also offer internship opportunities.

“It is indeed a pleasure to welcome Mr. McDonald and his talented team to Peachtree Corners,” said Peachtree Corners Mayor Mike Mason. “One of our city’s top priorities is to ensure that all businesses have the opportunity to succeed. Our zero-millage rate and business-friendly city continues to draw remarkable businesses like 3815 Media. We wish them great success.”

“Gwinnett County is a great home for 3815 Media due to the strong diversity within the community,” said Andrew Carnes, vice president of economic development at Partnership Gwinnett. “We are always excited to continue to expand the creative talent workforce and provide opportunities for our region.”

Project Manager Asante Bradford represented GDEcD’s Global Commerce division on this project. 

About 3815 Media, Inc. 
3815 Media is built on the vision and career success of Rushion McDonald. Whether it’s print, radio, TV, film, live touring productions, industry exhibits, in person or across social networks, 3815 Media can help its clients create the exact message to build their brand, as well as produce content on the right platform medium. 3815 Media covers content development, production, marketing, distribution and multi-platform initiatives including digital video.


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Director of Communications

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Communications Specialist

Foreign exchange rates as of 7:18 am EST

As of 7:42 am EST, here is the price of the U.S. Dollar in foreign currency of interest:

1 EUR= $1.18322

1 AOA (Angola)= $0.00154

1 ZAR (South Africa)= $0.06138

1 NGN (Nigeria)= $0.00262

1 INR (India)= $0.01357

1 KES (Kenya)= $0.00913

1 CNY (China)= $0.14976

1 XCD (Eastern Caribbean)= $.37037

*1 CHD (Canada)= $0.76044

*1 CHF (Switzerland)= $1.10252

*1 ISL (Israel)= $0.29503

*1 ARS (Argentina)= $0.01285

*1 BSD (The Bahamas)= $1.00

*1 ECS (Ecuador)= $0.00004

*1 BRL (Brazil)= $0.17850

*1 KRW (South Korea)= $0.00088

*1 HTG (Haiti)= $0.01578

*1 LRD (Liberia) = $0.00512

*1 MXN (Mexico) = $0.04740

*1 JPY (Japan) =$0.00955

*1 JMD (Jamaica) =$0.00680

Source: Bankrate

*Has a consulate office located in Atlanta

Georgia’s Fifth Congressional District Needs New Blood…

Government is a big fat private equity/venture capital firm backed up by guns with cash to spend. Georgia’s Fifth District needs a congressional rep that can not only divert as much cash to the district in the form of grants, business loans, subsidized health, but spends every waking minute creating new pools of capital via legislation and sending that money home.

This representative should also be aggressive in recruiting or assisting in the creation of Afro-owned enterprises that can provide value in a 21st century digital economy. Many, particularly those living in the 30310 zip code, would like the opportunity to live and work in their portion of the district versus having to commute across town for work. Other taxpayers in the more affluent sections of the Fifth District are enjoying this privilege.

Democracy as a concept is being laughed at around the globe and rightfully so because it is accompanied by a disparity in the allocation of capital. Capital must be the first word spilling off the lips of any congressman representing poor people. There is now an opportunity for the Fifth District to seek out a candidate that can shake things up.

Politics is a blood sport. There is no time for weeping for fallen warriors and the tired horses they rode on….

Georgia’s Fifth Congressional District needs new blood …

Georgia’s congressional delegation should express more interest in the C-Band

Georgia’s congressional delegation demonstrated very little interest in H.R. 4855, the Clearing Broad Airwaves for New Deployment Act, a bill that would have cleared and made available for auction between 200 and 300 mega hertz of spectrum in the C-Band.  The C-Band is a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum falling between four to eight gigahertz.  This portion of spectrum is used for satellite communications, some Wi-Fi devices, some cordless phones, and for surveillance and weather radar systems.

Some companies that offer wireless broadband internet access are interested in this piece of spectrum real estate in order to meet the increasing demand for “Internet of Things” services and the Fifth Generation wireless platforms they are expected to ride on.

H.R. 4855 may have been more of a prodding rod than a leading initiative.  Back in June the Federal Communications Commission announced that repurposing of the C-Band would move at an accelerated pace.  Five eligible satellite carriers: Eutelstat, Intelstat, SES, Star One, and Telesat, agreed to an accelerated schedule for clearing and relocating frequencies in exchange for $9.7 billion in relocation payments upon completion of the reallocation.  Clearing out and relocating their frequencies make available mid-band spectrum for wireless company use.

While H.R. 4855 would give the Commission until 30 September 2022 to clear, reallocate, and auction the C-Band spectrum,  the Commission’s order would give satellite operators until 5 December 2023 to clear and relocate their operating frequencies.

While Georgia has its urban centers i.e. Atlanta, Savannah, Columbus, Augusta, it still has a significant agricultural base and rural communities.  The current COVID-19 pandemic has exposed flaws and gaps in service delivery and has likely widened the gap between broadband urban haves and rural broadband have-nots.   Congressmen from Georgia’s rural areas should remain mindful of this gap and take every opportunity to lead on congressional initiatives that could spurn broadband deployment in rural Georgia.

For example, H.R. 4855 had only three sponsors.  None were from Georgia.  In addition, a scan of the internet found no media coverage containing any discussion about the C-band by any members of Georgia’s congressional delegation.  Georgia’s congressional delegation should remain engaged in discussions about the benefits advanced communications can bring to taxpayers and Georgia’s industries.