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I don’t see how net neutrality increases access to online global data. It may do the opposite

A few minutes ago I was listening to Corey Johnson and Caroline Hyde of Bloomberg Television discussing Netflix’s desire to increase its international markets, hopefully getting U.S. and international subscribership on par with each other. Potential subscribers overseas, particularly on … Continue reading

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You didn’t prepare for global trade. I shed no tears.

During the 2016 election cycle in the United States, Americans have been expressing concern over international trade. Candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have discussed trade matters such as the Trans Pacific Partnership and the North American Free Trade Agreement … Continue reading

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Export-Import Bank: What good is a government if it can’t allocate #capital?

The downside of a society that is more narrative driven versus data driven is the resulting bandwagon effect.  Someone has a problem with a policy or a program and without one iota of quantitative analysis or data they go on … Continue reading

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Maybe we #capital-less need a more #capitalist mindset

For the past couple weeks new of Russia’s occupation of Crimea, a section of Ukraine, has dominated the news.  Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, allegedly would like to see Russia return to its Cold War superpower status by creating a zone … Continue reading

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The new soylent green

We are seeing a revolution in the economy.  I say revolution because the rule recognized by the majority of an economy’s consumers is that an economy’s benefits will flow to the masses primarily through job growth as the economy produces … Continue reading

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#Technology doesn’t drive growth. It’s the knowledge that flows through it that does

Eduardo Porter argues in a piece for The New York Times that technological innovation drives growth depending on how deeply embedded technology is in the things we do.  The piece also addressed the question if technology is showing up everywhere, why … Continue reading

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Two sets of people. Those with capital and those without

Chrystia Freeland of Reuters lays out a description of how trade and technology are impacting the labor market in the U.S. Estimated job loss at 15-20% as a result of trade with technology hollowing out what used to be middle … Continue reading

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