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Net Neutrality: The Market for Messaging

We are bombarded with messaging. Political messaging. Commercial messaging. All designed to get us to illicit a certain response, namely to buy a product or support a package. Net neutrality is no different. Large internet portals like Google and Facebook … Continue reading

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The anarcho-capitalist perspective on net neutrality. Keep the State out

Today the Federal Communications Commission voted on a notice of proposed rule making that repeals net neutrality rules put in place by the Commission in 2015. The rules classified broadband access services as a telecommunications service, taking it out of … Continue reading

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Congress nudges FCC back to its primary mission

Yesterday, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to approve S.J. Res 34, a resolution that invalidates privacy rules enacted by the Federal Communications Commission last December. The rules imposed common carrier privacy restrictions on broadband providers. Opponents of the Commission’s … Continue reading

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Spectrum as natural capital

Natural capital is defined as any stock or flow of energy and material that produces goods and services.  Natural capital includes renewable and non-renewable resources.   By definition that should also include the electromagnetic field surrounding the Earth that we … Continue reading

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Mike Lee ignores where consumer welfare actually lies

According to The Hillicon Valley blog, Senator Mike Lee, Republican of Utah, is going to keep his eye on Google, after the Internet search giant escaped a finding by the Federal Trade Commission of antitrust violations.  Mr. Lee is concerned … Continue reading

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Google provides new template for dealing with regulators

Great article in The New York Times today discussing Google’s strategy in its victory at the Federal Trade Commission.  I say victory because any event where onerous regulations or compliance requirements can be avoided is a win for the markets. … Continue reading

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Google redefinition of net neutrality and need for FCC to redefine itself

Patrick Hunter’s August 1, 2010 article in raises two important points. The first point goes to the definition of network neutrality. Net neutrality proponents have been diluting the definition of net neutrality over the past few months. It’s gone … Continue reading

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Should consumers have to pay for Google’s failure to transition to social networking?

An interesting discussion today on CNBC regarding Google’s apparent declining fortunes in the area of search. According to Fortune Magazine senior writer Michael Copeland, Google’s core search business is declining. This is a result of competition from Microsoft’s search engine … Continue reading

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