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How do I take care of myself when government says I shouldn’t?

Yesterday I saw Nancy Pelosi on television giving the press her response to Republican efforts to significantly amend the Affordable Care Act. I zoned out as she attempted to describe the benefits some Americans would lose should the Republicans have … Continue reading

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Not seeing any impact on states from HR 3350

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives yesterday passed HR 3350, the Keep Your Health Plan Act of 2013.  In a nutshell, the Act allows issuers to keep in force plans they have already issued versus cancelling them because they may not … Continue reading

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It’s easy to get cynical about we the people

How much does our Constitution say about the structure of and the exchanges within our society?  I thought about this question while contemplating the perspectives of the Republicans and Democrats toward health care financing under the Affordable Care Act.  To … Continue reading

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GOP and Obamacare: The 40th time will not be the charm

So the Republican held U.S. House of Representatives took another crack at dismantling #Obamacare by passing legislation that prohibits the Internal Revenue Service from implementing the Affordable Care Act. The IRS is responsible for assessing the mandate on individuals and … Continue reading

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What #conservatives really mean by less #government

When a conservative says, “we need less government”, what they are really saying is we don’t need policies that interfere with protecting returns on capital.  At least that is the view a classic liberal or even a libertarian would take. … Continue reading

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Could state refusal to set up health insurance exchanges lead to cross state markets?

A number of states including Louisiana, Wisconsin, and my home state of Georgia have expressed no intent in establishing health care insurance exchanges, opting for the federal government to establish and maintain it.  Other states, like New Jersey, would like … Continue reading

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Mittens not Using His Head

Mitt Romney isn’t very smart. He puts himself out on a limb by saying he is going to repeal ObamaCare when he can’t even secure a Republican majority in both chambers of Congress. He will need this in order to … Continue reading

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So Paul Ryan Likes Ayn Rand. So What?

Some Americans are taking issue with the late atheist and capitalist evangelist Ayn Rand’s influence over a young Paul Ryan. Like Ms. Rand, Mr. Ryan places a greater emphasis on the individual American’s ability to take care of himself with … Continue reading

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Romney Signals Waste of Time Arguing That Mandate Quacks Like a Duck

The today reported that Governor Mitt Romney is saying that the Affordable Care Act’s mandate provides for a penalty, not a tax, as argued by the rest of his GOP brethren. Are we seeing a little independence and backbone … Continue reading

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Time to Abolish the U.S. Supreme Court

It’s time for a constitutional amendment abolishing the U.S. Supreme Court. All this nonsense about five people saving, or in some truly ignorant instances, passing the Affordable Care Act, is absurd. I recommend abolishing the court while stripping the Senate … Continue reading

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