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Briefly on the First Amendment

The First Amendment is a license from government that allows citizens to opine on the actions of government without fear of some punitive action in response.   Underscore, license. It is revocable. Somewhere, a brilliant government lawyer has already written … Continue reading

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You’re not American. It’s okay

It’s understandable to want to “belong.”  Waving your country’s flag means you’re happy to be a part of a group connected by the freedoms associated with consumer choice, political participation, and personal expression, with as little overt regulation as possible. … Continue reading

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#Ferguson, Missouri: Why are we surprised when a snake bites?

One of the benefits of my ban on broadcast or cable news is that I am less inundated by biased coverage of news events.  I would hate to see how Fox News or MSNBC are skewing the events occurring in … Continue reading

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Forty million dollars was not enough, #NewYorkCity

Yesterday after my son’s performance at the neighborhood arts center, I decided to treat him to a Frosty. “I want a Frosty shake, Dad.” It was Friday so I said what the heck. We enter the restaurant and on a … Continue reading

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African Diaspora History Month in the United States

African Diaspora History Month in the United States. This should be the official name for the month, but I digress …. Black American history in a nutshell (Also known as what Tom Joyner and Roland Martin won’t tell you on … Continue reading

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The Help, civil rights, and letting go

The Help It’s that time of the year when black people prepare to go to 7:00 am Martin Luther King breakfasts and Hollywood rolls out any movie starring a black person in the lead. Tonight, for the first time, I’m … Continue reading

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A war on poverty should focus on capital

Democrats and Republicans apparently want to claim a piece of the war on poverty pie with high profile politicians opining since yesterday about the best way to close the income gap, create jobs, and reduce the number of America’s poor. … Continue reading

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On Robin Roberts

Ms. Roberts’ confirmation of her sexuality is nothing to celebrate or denigrate. It means that for men who fantasized about having a chance with her (myself included), our dreams have been definitively dashed. More importantly we should consider this. Just … Continue reading

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What does Andrew Lanza not understand about freedom of speech

Recently, New York state senator Andrew Lanza took issue with a billboard in New York City’s Times Square that expressed the sentiment that Christmas can be celebrated without Christ.  The billboard was placed in the popular tourist destination by American … Continue reading

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When lawmakers are afraid to “come out”

Earlier this week, Politico Magazine published an item featuring former U.S. Representative Barney Frank, Democrat of Massachusetts, and his revelation that he is an atheist.   Unfortunately let freedom ring and land of the free, home of the brave does … Continue reading

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