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A better media model in the era of Trump

Watching news has become increasingly painful for the past two decades, with the demand for aspirin increasing exponentially, it seems, over the past three and a half months. At Mr Trump’s press conference last Thursday, he railed against the media’s … Continue reading

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Congress should require the FCC stick to spectrum issues

The Federal Communications Commission should stick to managing spectrum, a scarce resource that fuels next generation wireless communications networks. Managing the distribution of scarce resources and getting that resource into activity that provides the highest economic value is among government’s … Continue reading

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Donald Trump, Broadband, and the Bully Pulpit

The power of the president of the United States lies in his ability to persuade and Americans should not be dismayed by President-elect Donald Trump’s use of social media to share his perceptions of the political world around him. Mr … Continue reading

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The Internet is kicking journalists in the ass. Here’s a solution

The Internet is kicking journalists in the ass. Back when the computers, and to a lesser extent, the Internet were for productive activity, the traditional journalist, along with their publications, comprised a bottleneck for information. Most people turned to them … Continue reading

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