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American government was never designed to help blacks

The emotional responses by black Americans to media’s depiction of Donald Trump is getting annoying. Black Americans drank a lot of the symbolism in the Obama Kool-Aid in the last eight years, so much so that using a portrait of … Continue reading

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Let’s give labor and the producer the full credit

The U.S. Department of Labor today release its Jobs Situation Report. The labor market saw an increase of 242,000 and the unemployment rate remained at 4.9%, the traditional indicator of full employment. I suspect the Obama supporters will heap praises … Continue reading

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Scott Walker’s union busting is necessary for a freer individual and better unions

If the progressives best argument against Scott Walker’s support for legislation that would prohibit non-union workers from having to pay union fees is that his move his motivated by the 2016 election, then they don’t have much of an argument. … Continue reading

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