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Briefly on the First Amendment

The First Amendment is a license from government that allows citizens to opine on the actions of government without fear of some punitive action in response.   Underscore, license. It is revocable. Somewhere, a brilliant government lawyer has already written … Continue reading

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A better media model in the era of Trump

Watching news has become increasingly painful for the past two decades, with the demand for aspirin increasing exponentially, it seems, over the past three and a half months. At Mr Trump’s press conference last Thursday, he railed against the media’s … Continue reading

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AT&T should share content with consumers, not carriers

Critics of AT&T’s proposed hook up with Time Warner frequently refer to the fear that AT&T will either market its content to its subscribers at the cost of steering consumers away from non-affiliated content or not grant other carriers access … Continue reading

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#NetNeutrality: Is @Netflix posturing?

The New York Times has an article talking about the net neutrality spat between edge provider Netflix and broadband access provider Verizon.  Netflix posted a warning to its subscribers blaming Verizon for a slow down in viewer streaming.  Verizon has … Continue reading

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Question is, why does #government have to regulate #cable #sports black outs

The Federal Communications Commission is seeking comment on whether it has the authority to eliminate its sports black out rules. These rules prevent cable companies, satellite companies, and open video network companies (typically local exchange companies) from importing a signal carrying a … Continue reading

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On Robin Roberts

Ms. Roberts’ confirmation of her sexuality is nothing to celebrate or denigrate. It means that for men who fantasized about having a chance with her (myself included), our dreams have been definitively dashed. More importantly we should consider this. Just … Continue reading

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Streamlining the vitriol out of #Twitter and #Facebook

Social media can be downright nasty.  Last week I dropped a high school classmate from my Facebook posse.  Personal attacks combined with no willingness to exercise clear thought made the deletion a no-brainer. I’ve had to do the same thing … Continue reading

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#Transparency is an over-hyped concept for the naive

Transparency is an over-hyped concept for the politically naive … Edward Snowden. Bradley Manning. Net neutrality supporters. You are young and stupid. Your “share everything on Facebook” view of the world is introverted and unrealistic. Unfortunately we have a bunch … Continue reading

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Two hundred years of political #media power control marches, #boycotts, and sit-ins

Two interesting points from this Miami Herald article. First, the description of Governor Rick Scott’s intent not to seek a repeal of the Stand Your Ground law in Florida. He is described as being on “safe ground” on the issue … Continue reading

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Is the Justice Department into choosing victims and victors?

The U.S. Department of Justice appears to be front and center lately when it comes to market interference.  For an agency that promotes competition in the markets, its recent interference with the information markets and expressed opposition to certain players … Continue reading

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