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The Trump Administration takes government back to the basics on energy.

Sitting back and nibbling on the popcorn and tea while researching an op-ed, I am noticing first hand how ass-backwards the current American presidential administration is. The Administration is so far behind that some of its cabinet’s websites are still … Continue reading

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Rick Perry is recruiting bloggers

Interesting tid bit in the digital advocacy realm. Of the six remaining GOP hopefuls, three appear to be actively recruiting volunteers for their social media campaigns. The three are Jon Huntsman, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Perry. Rick Perry and Jon … Continue reading

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Herman Cain victory shows GOP nomination still up in the air

The Wall Street Journal reported that Herman Cain won the Florida Republican straw poll yesterday, upsetting GOP front runner, Governor Rick Perry of Texas. With Governor Perry as the front runner, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney nipping at Mr. Perry’s … Continue reading

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