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For minority communities,increased broadband deployment should be about production

I just finished reading through some of the testimony presented earlier today during a hearing before the U.S. Senate’s subcommittee on technology, communications, innovation, and the internet. The subcommittee’s focus this morning was on the economic value of spectrum, the … Continue reading

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The impermanence of the black American community

Webster’s New World Dictionary defines community as: “Any group living in the same area or having interests, work, common; the general public; a sharing in common.” The recent exchange between President Donald Trump and journalist April Ryan during a … Continue reading

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What might Wilbur Ross mean for telecommunications?

Wilbur Ross, founder of private equity firm W.L. Ross & Co., has been tapped by President-elect Donald Trump for the position of secretary of commerce. According to 40 USC Section 1512, the Department of Commerce is to “foster, promote, and … Continue reading

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To best understand the economy, replace government with self?

The Republican presidential debate on 10 November 2015 did little to enlighten me on how these candidates view the role of American government in the economy. Ted Cruz, the senator from Texas, shared with us that he intended to eliminate … Continue reading

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Some make argumement that the @FCC’s #spectrum proposed rule making doesn’t go far enough

I wouldn’t exactly say that a political battle is brewing per se around the Federal Communications Commission’s proposed rule making on opening spectrum use beyond 24 gigahertz but some interested parties would like to see the Commission open up this … Continue reading

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.@FCC should mind its role in the movement of #capital

Last week at the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council conference on access to capital, I posed a question about whether a definitive declaration of effective competition would help move more capital into the wireless market. I really didn’t expect a … Continue reading

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What #conservatives really mean by less #government

When a conservative says, “we need less government”, what they are really saying is we don’t need policies that interfere with protecting returns on capital.  At least that is the view a classic liberal or even a libertarian would take. … Continue reading

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Of course there is no competitive market for #spectrum.

A column by The New York Times’ Eduardo Porter argues that the market for spectrum would be more competitive if the Federal Communications Commission would restrict AT&T and Verizon’s access to the upcoming incentive auction where the FCC hopes to reallocate television … Continue reading

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Sounds like .@FCC chair Mignon Clyburn will stay the course on #spectrum

Here is an excerpt from a speech delivered to CTIA by acting Federal Communications Commission chairman Mignon Clyburn.  It appears the FCC is on course to have incentive auctions conducted in 2014 and will continue addressing deploying more WiFi aboard … Continue reading

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A number of Congressmen let @FCC know they want multiple #auction participants

The Federal Communications Commission today posted a letter sent from a members of Congress requesting that the FCC not promulgate rules that would favor smaller carriers such as Sprint and T-Mobile. Among the signatories were Fred Upton, Republican of Michigan … Continue reading

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