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Non-moralizing on Syria is refreshing

A piece in The New York Times today highlighted President Trump’s distaste for moralizing as preamble to foreign policy action. I find it very refreshing to see an American president not get on a self-righteous soapbox and preach morals to the … Continue reading

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United States, Russia, Syria: Cold War 2.0

The United States has long wanted to get Syria out of Russia’s satellite of control. Syria, geographically, puts a check on Israel. Ukraine, which is barely mentioned versus two years ago, is the alternate land bridge from Russia to western … Continue reading

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From #redline to bottom line, Mr. #Obama pulls another great political move from his hat.

I think that Barack Obama has surpassed Bill Clinton as America’s greatest politician. While Mr. Clinton was shrewd, smooth, and fluid, Mr. Obama uses a jagged edged knife with a smooth quick, decisive swipe. Yesterday’s announcement that he would seek … Continue reading

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