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#Broadband infrastructure: So far I don’t see Congressional Republicans riding to Trump’s rescue

The markets took a beating yesterday; a one percent correction that even saw broadband stocks like Comcast (-1.09%), T-Mobile (-1.01%), and Sprint (-1.74%) take a hit. Ironically, while Verizon and AT&T were down also, (-.42% and -.75%, respectively), their decreases … Continue reading

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Communications networks as platforms for individuality. Politicians should take note

It’s interesting how disconnectedly connected society is becoming with technology. It still trips me out how two people can walk or drive together with their noses stuck in an iPhone.  It is the great thing about broadband. High-speed access to … Continue reading

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.@TMobile’s zero rating plan shows how oppressive #netneutrality is

T-Mobile has announced a plan called “Binge On” that allows its subscribers to stream for free videos from certain content providers. According to the company’s website: “Starting November 15th, Simple Choice users on a qualifying plan are FREE to stream … Continue reading

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Will Sprint abandon interoperability post Dish? probably not

I decided to reread the Federal Communications Commission’s notice of proposed rule making on inter-operability in the 700 MHz band.  Some commenters believe that a Dish Networks, Sprint combo would be a great fit given that their spectrum would be … Continue reading

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#TMobile: Value, free, and transparency

This morning while getting my laundry out of the dryer in my apartment complex’s laundry room, I saw a bunch of hangars laying on a folding table with a note saying, “free hangars”.  I immediately thought of the word value … Continue reading

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Why Clyburn’s comments on employment in a post T-Mobile, MetroPCS world scares me

Our Constitution provides for the regulation of commerce, but does it really call for federal agencies to be concerned whether one company is able to expand into new geographical markets or can hire more people?  Check out Federal Communications Commission … Continue reading

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