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What the GOP has wrong about taxation

This week’s print edition of The Atlanta Voice provides two Associated Press stories discussing the Democratic Party’s fifty-state strategy and the GOP’s about face on fiscal responsibility. In one article, the Democrats’ “Resistance Summer” is designed to organize and expand … Continue reading

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Of bondholders and tax farmers …

No bondholder wants less taxes collected. They want more taxes collected as a result of increased output per worker, entrepreneur, or corporation. The more people included in the workforce and the more capital made available to workers, the greater the … Continue reading

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Trump’s 15% tax ain’t happening

Dear Trump-Pets. As a self-employed consultant, I support a 15% marginal tax on pass-throughs. Is it going to happen? No. Paul Ryan and Company won’t allow it and Nancy Pelosi and her minions will message negatively on the idea, calling … Continue reading

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Congress nudges FCC back to its primary mission

Yesterday, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to approve S.J. Res 34, a resolution that invalidates privacy rules enacted by the Federal Communications Commission last December. The rules imposed common carrier privacy restrictions on broadband providers. Opponents of the Commission’s … Continue reading

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#Broadband infrastructure: So far I don’t see Congressional Republicans riding to Trump’s rescue

The markets took a beating yesterday; a one percent correction that even saw broadband stocks like Comcast (-1.09%), T-Mobile (-1.01%), and Sprint (-1.74%) take a hit. Ironically, while Verizon and AT&T were down also, (-.42% and -.75%, respectively), their decreases … Continue reading

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Overturning Bloomberg’s soda ban doesn’t threaten parental freedom to raise healthy kids

“Unless we’re prepared to deny, against all evidence, that the environment powerfully influences children’s choices, we’re forced to conclude that rejecting Mr. Bloomberg’s proposal significantly curtails parents’ freedom to achieve the perfectly reasonable goal of raising healthy children. Why should … Continue reading

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Wish Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would tell us why we need a payroll tax

An article in The New York today described the possibility that the reduction in payroll taxes negotiated in 2010 may not survive past 1 January 2013.  Specifically the employee tax of 4.2% may go back to the original rate … Continue reading

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The Media Must be Bored

I came across a post on the Facebook page of the Melissa Harris Perry Show. The post asked if it was important that Mittens (Mitt Romney for the uninitiated) release his tax information and provide clarity on his time with … Continue reading

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Romney Signals Waste of Time Arguing That Mandate Quacks Like a Duck

The today reported that Governor Mitt Romney is saying that the Affordable Care Act’s mandate provides for a penalty, not a tax, as argued by the rest of his GOP brethren. Are we seeing a little independence and backbone … Continue reading

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Is the payroll extension an attempt at planting a Trojan Horse?

Why do I get the feeling that today’s passage of the extension of the payroll tax reduction is a Republican Trojan horse? Why agree to legislation that further expands the deficit? Either reality trumps rhetoric or the GOP hopes that … Continue reading

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