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#USVI mobile broadband subscribers fed up with .@sprint service

The following text from a recently filed petition was provided by United States Virgin Islands resident, Genevieve Whitaker. As Virgin Islands (U.S.) customers and persons who visit the islands we have endured for years poor cell phone coverage throughout all … Continue reading

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The Trump Administration takes government back to the basics on energy.

Sitting back and nibbling on the popcorn and tea while researching an op-ed, I am noticing first hand how ass-backwards the current American presidential administration is. The Administration is so far behind that some of its cabinet’s websites are still … Continue reading

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Communications networks as platforms for individuality. Politicians should take note

It’s interesting how disconnectedly connected society is becoming with technology. It still trips me out how two people can walk or drive together with their noses stuck in an iPhone.  It is the great thing about broadband. High-speed access to … Continue reading

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Trump’s cabinet appointments are a bitch slap to the face of the State

American democracy allows entrepreneurs and traders to balance the power held by the “strongman” or “the State” against the power held by the masses. Entrepreneurs and traders want as much unimpeded access to capital that the United States has to … Continue reading

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Universal service doesn’t encourage #capital for #entrepreneurs

Regulating commerce is one thing. Failing to encourage capital formation and distribution of capital to entrepreneurs cannot be acceptable. Section 214 of the Communications Act demonstrates how out of touch current law is with today’s technology and the entities that … Continue reading

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#NetNeutrality: Is @Netflix posturing?

The New York Times has an article talking about the net neutrality spat between edge provider Netflix and broadband access provider Verizon.  Netflix posted a warning to its subscribers blaming Verizon for a slow down in viewer streaming.  Verizon has … Continue reading

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.@FCC should mind its role in the movement of #capital

Last week at the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council conference on access to capital, I posed a question about whether a definitive declaration of effective competition would help move more capital into the wireless market. I really didn’t expect a … Continue reading

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The new soylent green

We are seeing a revolution in the economy.  I say revolution because the rule recognized by the majority of an economy’s consumers is that an economy’s benefits will flow to the masses primarily through job growth as the economy produces … Continue reading

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Black Americans concentrated in occupations not threatened by knowledge economy

New technologies, automation, knowledge economy.  Phrases and concepts that scare the crap out of Americans who may feel they are not equipped with the technical know-how required by the knowledge economy. President Obama makes it clear that his economic vision … Continue reading

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If #Congress, #FCC are serious about #spectrum, they should leave #Aereo alone

The Hillicon Valley blog posted an article discussing how television broadcasters may try to drag Congress into its legal battle with Aereo.  Aereo has a business model that uses tiny antennas to pick up television broadcast signals and then reroute … Continue reading

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