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#Broadband infrastructure: So far I don’t see Congressional Republicans riding to Trump’s rescue

The markets took a beating yesterday; a one percent correction that even saw broadband stocks like Comcast (-1.09%), T-Mobile (-1.01%), and Sprint (-1.74%) take a hit. Ironically, while Verizon and AT&T were down also, (-.42% and -.75%, respectively), their decreases … Continue reading

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We are the #State. I wish our #Constitution reflected that.

I’ve been conducting a literature review lately.  It’s more intense than just reading for the heck of it.  My focus is on what is the state; how do we define it.  I haven’t come up with my own definitive meaning … Continue reading

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Does Maryland’s Constitution provide an opening to #Satan worshipers?

Today an interesting article discussing religious displays caught my attention.  The article, published by, talks about the intent of The Satanic Temple to place a religious display next to a display of the Ten Commandments outside of an Oklahoma courthouse. … Continue reading

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Springfield has to sell its social policy on foreclosures to the state court

The United States Court of Appeals-First Circuit yesterday addressed the growing issue of how local communities should tackle the continuing after effects of the foreclosure crisis that stemmed from the Great Recession of 2007. In the matter of Easthampton Savings … Continue reading

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Man’s greatest emotion is #fear

This week’s media and legal events confirm that man’s greatest emotion is not love, but fear. Fear of people who are different from us, whether due to religious beliefs or their choice of who they want to love . Fear … Continue reading

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#LindseyGraham indirectly stokes #market uncertainty

Rick Ungar contributed a very insightful and well written piece to describing the hypocrisy of U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham’s call for a suspension of the U.S. Constitution as it applies to accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.  Mr. Graham, … Continue reading

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Poverty, society, and government

According to my trusty Webster’s New World Dictionary, society is defined as a group of persons forming a single community or the system of living together in such a group. Government, as defined by professors Benjamin Ginsberg, Theodore Lowi, and … Continue reading

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Trust in versus expectations of government

Should we trust an artificial construct that is subject to hostile acquisition every two years, knowing that the acquirer of the construct will use it not only to distribute the spoils to his allies, but also to destroy his opponents? … Continue reading

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Till My Dying Breath

As a proud Virgin Islander, I admit I prefer celebrate Emancipation Day vs. Independence Day. While I have proudly worn the uniform of the United States Navy as an inactive reservist and still wear the uniform of the U.S. Air … Continue reading

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A Tax is the Last Thing We Need

The court has said clearly that the penalty for failing to buy health insurance is a tax. Would the insurance industry have disappeared if this was overturned? No. Would health care providers have disappeared if this were overturned? No. Would … Continue reading

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