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#USVI mobile broadband subscribers fed up with .@sprint service

The following text from a recently filed petition was provided by United States Virgin Islands resident, Genevieve Whitaker. As Virgin Islands (U.S.) customers and persons who visit the islands we have endured for years poor cell phone coverage throughout all … Continue reading

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I don’t see how net neutrality increases access to online global data. It may do the opposite

A few minutes ago I was listening to Corey Johnson and Caroline Hyde of Bloomberg Television discussing Netflix’s desire to increase its international markets, hopefully getting U.S. and international subscribership on par with each other. Potential subscribers overseas, particularly on … Continue reading

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Speaking to bad perception of broadband and infrastructure

A couple mornings ago while watching C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, a caller argued forcefully that President Donald Trump should not treat broadband as infrastructure. Infrastructure, according to the caller, included roads, bridges, airports, harbors, but not broadband. The caller didn’t go … Continue reading

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Using broadband to create a data trade

Proponents of connecting more people to the internet via a high-speed connection should consider the, “and …what else?” response from consumers who have not yet taken the broadband plunge. The violation of data privacy these consumers hear about may be … Continue reading

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Puerto Rico, U.S.V.I. could benefit from zero rating

Two of the United States’ insular territories in the Caribbean, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, could benefit from wireless companies using zero rating policies. Think of zero rating as the “1-800 number” business model for 21st century broadband. … Continue reading

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.@TMobile’s zero rating plan shows how oppressive #netneutrality is

T-Mobile has announced a plan called “Binge On” that allows its subscribers to stream for free videos from certain content providers. According to the company’s website: “Starting November 15th, Simple Choice users on a qualifying plan are FREE to stream … Continue reading

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.@FCC should mind its role in the movement of #capital

Last week at the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council conference on access to capital, I posed a question about whether a definitive declaration of effective competition would help move more capital into the wireless market. I really didn’t expect a … Continue reading

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#SCOTUS should ask first if agency action impedes capital flow.

I’m reading the U.S. Supreme Court’s holding in Arlington v. FCC where the court addressed whether the Federal Communications Commission went outside its statutory authority by issuing rules that specify the amount of time local and state jurisdictions have to … Continue reading

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@FCC. Why the delay in the #IPtransition trials?

Late last week. the Federal Communications Commission issued a public notice seeking comments on proposed trials for evaluating the transition from legacy wireline networks to wireless; from copper networks to fiber networks; and from time-division multiplexing to Internet protocol. According … Continue reading

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#Sprint asks #FCC to play king maker with a scepter of #spectrum

AT&T’s James Cicconi makes a blunt, straightforward, and to the point assessment of Sprint’s position that the Federal Communications Commission should structure reverse auction rules in such a way as to send spectrum the way of Sprint. ┬áIn short he … Continue reading

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