Alton Drew

Areas of Interest 

Public Administration of Capital

Administrative Law and Capital


BS, The Florida State University

MPA, The Florida State University

JD, The Florida State University

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Hello. I am Alton Drew.  At my core I am a teacher and provocateur of thought.  The two work hand in hand when teaching anything, especially when teaching about government.  I taught American national government and economics for a few years at a community college in Maryland and found that people are thirsty for knowledge as to what government is and how government works.  If I can get you to think about government from an alternative angle, then I have done my job and expressed my passion.

Prior to starting Lucubrare I provided strategic communications services for not-for-profit advocacy groups in the areas of energy and telecommunications.  I taught at two community colleges and an online college before my strategic communications work.  The courses included paralegal studies, business law, business ethics, introductory economics, and American national government.

During most of my teaching career I also worked in municipal government specializing in consumer protection and cable communications regulatory issues.  Before joining the County of Fairfax I practiced telecommunications law, landlord tenant law, criminal law, family law, and bankruptcy law.

The earliest part of my career encompassed work in telecommunications regulation during the very early days of internet access, the introduction of competition into local telephone markets, and the rise and fall of long distance telephone service competition.

For media inquiries, contact Alton Drew at
For speaking engagements, contact Alton Drew at