Services and Fees

I’m Alton Drew, editor and publisher of The Apolitical State. Please take some time to check out the services I offer. I hope to hear from you soon.

Speaking Services

My first love is teaching and I enjoy sharing my knowledge and insights on today’s political economy as a speaker. As an unabashed anarcho-capitalist, I bring insights on today’s political economy from the libertarian point of view. I particularly enjoy making the case why communities of color and liberty minded people in general should seek non-government options for addressing their day-to-day needs. My speaking fee is $1,000 plus airfare and hotel.

Sage Services

Have you noticed how the markets have become disillusioned with the “Trump Bump”? The reason for the market’s skepticism arose in part because of emotion over logic; a lack of understanding of the political process. They were never properly taught about how government operates and behaves.

As a government practitioner on the local and state level and as a former adjunct that taught American national government, I provide everyone from investors, business people, and regular folk insights into what all the political chatter means. My sage services are provided via telephone or Skype. My consulting fee is $200 per hour.

Digital Advocacy Services

Political engagement has moved online and its an exciting and sometimes nasty environment to be in. I know. I have been advocating online for clients for over seven years, getting their positions on public policy out to an online audience that includes consumers and public policy makers. I provide extend my brand of digital advocacy across social media platforms that include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and WordPress. Fee for this service is $2,000 per month.



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