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Comfort in your own skin easier when you understand what America is

One of the biggest mistakes the African Diaspora from the Caribbean or the Continent can make is to assimilate into what has been marketed as American political thought. The marketed thought typically includes words like “diversity”, “equality”, or “freedom.” The … Continue reading

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From Slave to Colonist

The ideal way for Africans in America to engage America is to think of themselves as colonists. You are not here to be a part of anything. You are here to extract and exploit everything.

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Toward Decolonization in the United States

The African Diaspora in America needs a decolonization plan. Since 1619, the Diaspora has been mined, extracted, remolded, reprogrammed, and discarded to the point that it cannot properly reconstitute itself because it does not know itself. Symbolic of this unawareness … Continue reading

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The one-percent has always run America and defined race

The one-percent has always run this country. They established this country back in 1776, drafting its two constitutions and engineering its economy over the past 237 years. Until recently not too many people targeted this one percent, so why all … Continue reading

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