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Net Neutrality: The Market for Messaging

We are bombarded with messaging. Political messaging. Commercial messaging. All designed to get us to illicit a certain response, namely to buy a product or support a package. Net neutrality is no different. Large internet portals like Google and Facebook … Continue reading

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Why wouldn’t government want Comcast and Google to manage your information?

American households represent untapped information that government wants to grow, harvest, and exploit. Local, state, and federal governments have data on your birth, your matriculation through school, your educational status, your income, your health records, your marital status, the schools … Continue reading

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Net neutrality: An example of the progressive use of statism

Kevin Carson wrote a blog post on net neutrality for the Center for a Stateless Society last month where he describes the primary and secondary purposes of the state. According to Mr. Carson, the state’s primary purpose is the organized … Continue reading

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Julius #Genachowski’s less than stellar legacy. Less media diversity and onerous #netneutrality rules

Pursuing competition for the sake of competition doesn’t help us with the nation’s number one concern which is getting more capital into productive use. That’s how we grow our GDP which leads to the creation of new jobs that use … Continue reading

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#Sprint asks #FCC to play king maker with a scepter of #spectrum

AT&T’s James Cicconi makes a blunt, straightforward, and to the point assessment of Sprint’s position that the Federal Communications Commission should structure reverse auction rules in such a way as to send spectrum the way of Sprint.  In short he … Continue reading

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So what would Greg Walden like to see from the FCC

U.S. Representative Greg Walden, Republican of Oregon and chairman of the House Sub-Committee on Communications and Technology, spoke to members of the National Association of Broadcasters and explained why the Federal Communications Commission is in need of a little reform. … Continue reading

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FCC approval of WCS spectrum for mobile broadband use move in the right direction

Yesterday the Federal Communications Commission approved spectrum in the Wired Communications Services band to be used for mobile broadband service.  The FCC believes that the WCS portion of spectrum is being underutilized. AT&T believes so as well.  In a blog … Continue reading

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So what do Shirley Sharrod and Jim DeMint have in common? An undisciplined free press

Free Press’ Tim Karr today fired a salvo at Senator James DeMint, Republican of South Carolina. In a post on Twitter, Mr. Karr referred to Mr. DeMint as an enemy of the open Internet and apparently based his conclusions on … Continue reading

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