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American government was never designed to help blacks

The emotional responses by black Americans to media’s depiction of Donald Trump is getting annoying. Black Americans drank a lot of the symbolism in the Obama Kool-Aid in the last eight years, so much so that using a portrait of … Continue reading

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Jeb Bush should try viewing Putin as a corporate raider

Jeb Bush has been sharing his thoughts with German leadership and the European press about Vladimir Putin and his aggressive moves on the Crimean peninsular. The New York Times reports Mr. Bush referring to the Russian president as a “bully” … Continue reading

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Of ISIS, Vietnam, Iraq, and jingoism

Retired Army General Anthony Zinni, appearing moments ago on the PBS NewsHour responded to Barack Obama‘s decision to send an additional 450 military advisers to Iraq, raising the issue that ISIS poses a minimal threat to the U.S., a threat … Continue reading

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If Elizabeth Warren wants to promote labor, she should protect entrepreneurs

For the past three or four months there has been a lot of jawboning over the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement.  The Administration touts the agreement as necessary to the United State’s ability to compete in an emerging Asia-Pacific … Continue reading

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Does the GOP want to turn net neutrality into another Benghazi debate?

Right now Tom Wheeler, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, is testifying before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. The Republicans have making an issue of President Obama’s supposed influence in the FCC’s rulemaking in the net neutrality … Continue reading

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Rudy Guiliani and political dementia

Rudy Guiliani shows signs of dementia as he uses a 2008 campaign line to criticize a U.S. president with less than two years left in office (thank you FSM). Mr. Guiliani may be laying out another argument for impeachment, one … Continue reading

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#Cuba: Is the tourism party over for Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands? #USVI

President Barack Obama wants to normalize relations with Cuba. That’s nice. What I want to know is whether the Administration gave any consideration to the economic impact such a move would have on the U.S. Virgin Islands and the Commonwealth … Continue reading

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I fail to see the returns from #Afghanistan, Mr. #Obama

If Afghanistan were an investment bank, it would be out of business like yesterday.  The United States is so concerned about Taliban and al-Qaeda operations in Afghanistan that it is now, according to The New York Times, essentially getting back … Continue reading

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Michael Powell, Nick Gillespie, chime in on Obama and net neutrality

President Barack Obama’s direct call for action on net neutrality has some in the broadband industry and political punditry asking if he has crossed the line with his unprecedented attempt to publicly influence the Federal Communications Commission. On 17 November … Continue reading

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Does Obama’s reign over a bull market signal better times for the entrepreneur?

I’ve seen a number of memes on social media attributing the five and a half year rise in the stock market’s value to the Obama administration.  A number of writers have also noted overall economic growth, especially in the stock … Continue reading

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