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Comfort in your own skin easier when you understand what America is

One of the biggest mistakes the African Diaspora from the Caribbean or the Continent can make is to assimilate into what has been marketed as American political thought. The marketed thought typically includes words like “diversity”, “equality”, or “freedom.” The … Continue reading

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Politics is not for mental or emotional therapy

The biggest political mistake that black voters make is to use politics as a form of emotional therapy. ‘We shall overcome.’ ‘Speak truth to power.’ ‘Keep hope (and hype) alive.’ ‘Suing for social justice.’ All these initiatives whether pursued in … Continue reading

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Netroots Nation ain’t knocking on Billy Bob’s door ….

When all is said and done, the Democrats will likely face a three-way race for the presidency in 2020. They have yet to offer a candidate with the gravitas to win. Accusing Mr Trump of conspiring with Russians or being … Continue reading

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Carpenters don’t owe tools shit….

On 4 July 2017, many people of African descent will validate the flag waving with the decades old argument that “we built this country.” It’s a bullshit argument. Your ancestors slaved for this country. There is a difference. Saying that … Continue reading

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The Black community should marry wealth creation with utility consumption

The Black community is under-invested. Lower incomes and higher propensities to consume puts the Black community in the precarious position of paltry wealth accumulation.  The Black community also does not have significant ownership on a local level of any economic … Continue reading

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Blacks have not turned the symbolism of Obama into political capital

For the past eight years, black Americans have talked about the significance of the Obama presidency the way affluent blacks talk about buying a Cadillac or a Mercedes Benz. The opening of Ta-Nehisi Coates latest piece for The Atlantic (“My … Continue reading

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Blacks and Latinos continue their prayers to Clinton and Sanders

This morning on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, blacks and Latinos were asked to call in and discuss the campaign marketing efforts by U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton toward their respective communities. I heard the usual … Continue reading

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The police make it clear that blacks do not belong here ….

The police have managed to sell the “officer friendly” image to the public for so long that the public believes that what it gets in exchange for the tax dollars they pay is the protection and service of the main … Continue reading

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Are black Americans strategically leveraging their votes?

Last night’s midterm elections should be a wake up call for the black American electorate.  Last night’s repudiation of the Obama administration’s policies should cause Black Americans to start asking themselves whether their current approach to extracting goods and services … Continue reading

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#Energy: Blacks want their place at the #cleanenergy table

I just read an insightful piece by my good friend Charles Ellison in The Root where he poses the question, “Where’s the black political conversation on climate change?  Mr. Ellison points out that black politicians, save President Obama, are absent … Continue reading

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