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The Black community should marry wealth creation with utility consumption

The Black community is under-invested. Lower incomes and higher propensities to consume puts the Black community in the precarious position of paltry wealth accumulation.  The Black community also does not have significant ownership on a local level of any economic … Continue reading

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Blacks have not turned the symbolism of Obama into political capital

For the past eight years, black Americans have talked about the significance of the Obama presidency the way affluent blacks talk about buying a Cadillac or a Mercedes Benz. The opening of Ta-Nehisi Coates latest piece for The Atlantic (“My … Continue reading

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Blacks and Latinos continue their prayers to Clinton and Sanders

This morning on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, blacks and Latinos were asked to call in and discuss the campaign marketing efforts by U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton toward their respective communities. I heard the usual … Continue reading

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The police make it clear that blacks do not belong here ….

The police have managed to sell the “officer friendly” image to the public for so long that the public believes that what it gets in exchange for the tax dollars they pay is the protection and service of the main … Continue reading

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Are black Americans strategically leveraging their votes?

Last night’s midterm elections should be a wake up call for the black American electorate.  Last night’s repudiation of the Obama administration’s policies should cause Black Americans to start asking themselves whether their current approach to extracting goods and services … Continue reading

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#Energy: Blacks want their place at the #cleanenergy table

I just read an insightful piece by my good friend Charles Ellison in The Root where he poses the question, “Where’s the black political conversation on climate change?  Mr. Ellison points out that black politicians, save President Obama, are absent … Continue reading

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Andrew Jackson, Barack Obama, and the American community

Just a thought. I wonder if Barack Obama’s presidential influence is derived more from Andrew Jackson vs. Abraham Lincoln or, to a lesser extent, Ronald Reagan (as manifested in communications skills) Here is a brief take on Andrew Jackson’s views … Continue reading

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A mixed #jobs report

So, does the economy need the human resources you provide? That is really how the question should be posed when analyzing the jobs report. When we talk about the economy, we are really saying how well is the mix of … Continue reading

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After 48 years, #blacks haven’t turned the #VotingRightsAct into #capital yet

“What is clear is that democracy is not the prerequisite for economic growth that aid proponents maintain. On the contrary, it is economic growth that is a prerequisite for democracy; and the one thing economic growth does not need is … Continue reading

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