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American government was never designed to help blacks

The emotional responses by black Americans to media’s depiction of Donald Trump is getting annoying. Black Americans drank a lot of the symbolism in the Obama Kool-Aid in the last eight years, so much so that using a portrait of … Continue reading

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The impermanence of the black American community

Webster’s New World Dictionary defines community as: “Any group living in the same area or having interests, work, etc.in common; the general public; a sharing in common.” The recent exchange between President Donald Trump and journalist April Ryan during a … Continue reading

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Of “‪#‎Selma‬”, ‪#‎media‬ manipulation, and discussions of true value.

Once again the main stream media has borrowed the advice of Heath Ledger’s “Joker” and has created insanity among the socio-economic group known as “black” people by carefully coordinating two events, the celebration of Martin Luther King’s birthday and the … Continue reading

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#JobsReport: #CNBC, #Bloomberg, and #Fox forget us as usual

Every first Friday of the month I am reminded of the lack of diversity in media. Bloomberg, Fox Business, and CNBC never mention us during jobs report Friday unless Steve Leisman runs out of something to say, so I do … Continue reading

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Falling for the home ownership leads to wealth argument … again

Yahoo! News posted an article about a recent Bloomberg Businessweek cover depicting a black American family in a house surrounded by boatloads of cash.  The accompanying article is supposed to describe the possibility of another housing bubble that may result … Continue reading

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