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Of bondholders and tax farmers …

No bondholder wants less taxes collected. They want more taxes collected as a result of increased output per worker, entrepreneur, or corporation. The more people included in the workforce and the more capital made available to workers, the greater the … Continue reading

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Barbarians at the gate scare the left and right

What the last recession should have done was provide a wake up call for Americans about the amount of control we have over our economic, political, and social environment.  This shrinking amount of control is not due to income inequality, … Continue reading

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Atlanta’s English Avenue and Vine City neighborhoods learning lessons in political efficacy

As The O’Jays once sang, people don’t care who they cheat or beat for the love of money, and according to published reports the residents of Atlanta’s Vine City and English Avenue neighborhoods don’t want to be on the wrong … Continue reading

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It will be some time before Atlanta issues bonds for the new stadium

Sometimes the mainstream media can get it wrong which is why it’s good to go straight to the source.  For example, Forbes reported this last year: “The Falcons topped off an NFL-best 13-3 season with another major victory, securing an … Continue reading

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Falling for the home ownership leads to wealth argument … again

Yahoo! News posted an article about a recent Bloomberg Businessweek cover depicting a black American family in a house surrounded by boatloads of cash.  The accompanying article is supposed to describe the possibility of another housing bubble that may result … Continue reading

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