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Of the State, the Klan, Netizens, and #netneutrality

I just finished listening to Federal Communications Commission member Mignon Clyburn make the argument for more State intervention in the digital data markets during an event sponsored by civil rights group Color of Change. Ms Clyburn’s remarks provided a foundation … Continue reading

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#Ferguson, Missouri: Why are we surprised when a snake bites?

One of the benefits of my ban on broadcast or cable news is that I am less inundated by biased coverage of news events.  I would hate to see how Fox News or MSNBC are skewing the events occurring in … Continue reading

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The Help, civil rights, and letting go

The Help It’s that time of the year when black people prepare to go to 7:00 am Martin Luther King breakfasts and Hollywood rolls out any movie starring a black person in the lead. Tonight, for the first time, I’m … Continue reading

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