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A more precise preamble to the American Constitution

“We the Investors in the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Corporation, establish Contract, Property, Tort, and Criminal Law, insure domestic Tranquility by regulating the behavior of our Wage Earners and Slaves (otherwise known as Citizens), provide … Continue reading

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What does Andrew Lanza not understand about freedom of speech

Recently, New York state senator Andrew Lanza took issue with a billboard in New York City’s Times Square that expressed the sentiment that Christmas can be celebrated without Christ.  The billboard was placed in the popular tourist destination by American … Continue reading

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We are the #State. I wish our #Constitution reflected that.

I’ve been conducting a literature review lately.  It’s more intense than just reading for the heck of it.  My focus is on what is the state; how do we define it.  I haven’t come up with my own definitive meaning … Continue reading

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It’s easy to get cynical about we the people

How much does our Constitution say about the structure of and the exchanges within our society?  I thought about this question while contemplating the perspectives of the Republicans and Democrats toward health care financing under the Affordable Care Act.  To … Continue reading

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Time to Abolish the U.S. Supreme Court

It’s time for a constitutional amendment abolishing the U.S. Supreme Court. All this nonsense about five people saving, or in some truly ignorant instances, passing the Affordable Care Act, is absurd. I recommend abolishing the court while stripping the Senate … Continue reading

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A Tax is the Last Thing We Need

The court has said clearly that the penalty for failing to buy health insurance is a tax. Would the insurance industry have disappeared if this was overturned? No. Would health care providers have disappeared if this were overturned? No. Would … Continue reading

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Rick Santorum: Theologian-in-Chief

I’m visiting Nerdland right now with one of my favorite pundits, Melissa Harris Perry. Yes, I know. She is a bit too far left for me, but when you get to spend four hours a weekend with a good looking, … Continue reading

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How does government reconcile our national health care with our general welfare

I don’t think anyone doubts that the government should have an interest in the state of health care in America. The debate has devolved so far into the issue of financing national health care that we may be missing the … Continue reading

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Got to do more than just cut spending

According to a piece in The Wall Street Journal, the GOP, in anticipation of taking the House in the fall, plan on blocking funding for a number of programs including Obamacare. Predictable maneuver based on fear of reprisals by the … Continue reading

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It’s time for an FCC that promotes commerce

The framers of our great Constitution realized that unifying thirteen newly independent colonies meant promoting the one concept over which there was no dispute–the growth of interstate commerce. The sizes, economic bases, and existence of institutionalized slavery naturally created differences … Continue reading

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