The Framers eradicated democracy 246 years ago …

Mr Biden’s party has initiated a crucible, the January 6th hearings, putting the Republican Party, specifically Donald Trump and his cabal, on trial for attacking “democracy.”  It is an irony worth a brief digress.  Over the past twenty years, Democrats have taken issue with America’s “institutions of democracy.” 

Progressives took issue when the Electoral College gave George W. Bush a victory over Albert Gore in November 2000.  In 2016, the Electoral College handed Donald J. Trump a victory over Hillary Clinton.  Progressive Democrats have been calling for the dismantling of the Electoral College, referring to it as “archaic” and “anti-democratic” because it handed victories to candidates that did not earn the popular vote.

In 2020, Donald Trump challenged the results of the election and even asked his vice-president, Mike Pence, to decertify the electoral ballot count.  Mr Trump also went to court in a number of states to challenge and overturn election results.  A mob rush on the Capitol Building during the certification of Electoral College votes only buttressed the Democrats’ argument that Mr Trump was more interested in tyrannical rule than the protection of democracy.

The thing is, America is not a democracy.  One man, one vote was never the intent of the framers of the U.S. Constitution.  The framers never meant for direct election by electorate-taxpayers of the chief executive. Symbolic, in-direct participation in the process, okay.  Direct participation, hell no, and smartly so.

Why do I say, “smartly so”?  Direct democracy is tyrannical. I find nothing attractive in masses of people having sway over my personal, household decisions because of “majority rule.”  Also, why deceive voters into believing that their individual vote matters when campaigns financed by a numerical minority of wealthy donors and campaigns run by an educated and disconnected political class.

And besides, the majority of electorate-taxpayers hardly read and know little to nothing of America’s political history.  Subject to media persuasion and unread on their political environment, I would rather immigrants newly minted as US citizens be the sole entrants in a voting booth.  At least they would have a fresh understanding of their adopted political system.  

No portion of the process for electing a president outside of the Electoral College is democratic.  The masses choose a slate of electors and that is the extent of their participation.  This is not ancient Greece.  If there is anything those white boys from 1776 were right about is that you don’t want a bunch of rambunctious, over emotional, pain and suffering types having direct participation in the process.

There was no attack on democracy because the election process for president does not allow for democracy.  Democracy does not exist.  If anyone attacked democracy it was the Constitution’s framers.  They denied the masses democracy 246 years ago.  

Alton Drew

13 June 2022    

The trader should remember that democracy is a temporary portal. Political power is permanent …

Democracy is a tool that administrations and legislatures use to distract and amuse the mass citizenry.  The illusion of freedom generated by a right to choose political leaders has worked in keeping the barbarians from knocking down the gates over the past 246 years in America as demonstrated by political power passing peacefully from one administration to the next.  Stability in the transition of political power helps the United States stand out among most other nations.

But when democracy starts seeping into market discussions, we can end up with market disruptions.  Democracy means too many voices in the kitchen opining on how the cake batter should be mixed.  The paper wealth created over the last fifty years combined with progressive left politics has the mass electorate believing that they should take lead in managing the economy, at least via their rhetoric.  And they hope their rhetoric can influence elected officials and policy makers to craft policy that favors political spheres versus economic and financial spheres.

I say “political spheres” because democracy is a schizophrenic notion.  The supposed “big tent” means a variety of demands that tug administrations and legislatures in different directions on social and political issues. 

Whereas 250 years ago the English monarchy had the reins of the political economy concentrated in his hands, today “political” has been separated from “economic” and relative stability is found more in the economic and financial sphere.  No matter the goods and services traded, profit is the prevailing, bottom-line standard.

In their pursuit of votes, the schizophrenic political class attacks the low hanging fruit of economic and financial profit, describing profit as the problem that only legislation and regulation can address.  The factions within the schizophrenic political class then vie for the vote asserting that only their faction can best address the evils of profit.

Democracy is disruptive to trade in the above way. To counter the schizophrenia, the trading class has to execute political power.  The shenanigans of democracy have to be quelled by a faction within the political class who acknowledge the dangers of overactive democracy.

The trading class should finance the political action committees (note, political action committees not democracy action committees) that can identify and finance candidates that understand the dilemma democracy introduces into markets.

Democracy is a marketing campaign and marketing campaigns change.  Political power is permanent.

Alton Drew

27 April 2022

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