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Of Oligarchs, Buffers, and Democracy

The only benefit that democracy and government provide is that in combination they serve as a buffer between the warring factions of oligarchs with voters playing the pawns in a war for political influence. Most of the abuses suffered by … Continue reading

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#Democracy v. #oligarchy. My voting booth time is over.

Like church, my time in voting booths is over. It’s been a good thirty-two year run. November 2012 was my last general election as a voter. The November 2013 city elections were my last as a participant in local elections. … Continue reading

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The TeaParty, TedCruz, and #NelsonMandela

Isms and schisms are prisons for the mind … The Tea Party, that lauded symbol of intellect and common sense, have been on a rampage criticizing Nelson Mandela as a communist and even eating one of their own, Ted Cruz, … Continue reading

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Robert Reich makes another push for centralized #government

In an op-ed for The New York Times, Robert Reich, former secretary of the U.S. Department of Labor, argues about the negative impact on democracy resulting from Congress’ inability to get much done.  Mr. Reich notes that Congress has only … Continue reading

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Overturning Bloomberg’s soda ban doesn’t threaten parental freedom to raise healthy kids

“Unless we’re prepared to deny, against all evidence, that the environment powerfully influences children’s choices, we’re forced to conclude that rejecting Mr. Bloomberg’s proposal significantly curtails parents’ freedom to achieve the perfectly reasonable goal of raising healthy children. Why should … Continue reading

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Carlin on Choice

A friend shared a little of George Carlin’s perspective on choice with me this morning. According to the late comedian and social critic, George Carlin, choice is an illusion. The illusion of choice …For the unimportant stuff, like bagels, you … Continue reading

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Is There Really a Difference?

Raynard Jackson, Chief Executive Officer of Raynard Jackson & Associates, LLC had this to say about political efficacy in a recent article in Black Enterprise: “An educated voter is the most dangerous person to any politician. Most Americans are lazy … Continue reading

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