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Obamacare vs. Trumpcare: As far as the markets are concerned, a difference that makes no difference is no difference

Whether Obamacare is replaced with Trumpcare or not, the following scenario for insurance companies is probable. First, if Obamacare is replaced with Trumpcare, insurance company stock values will take a hit in the very short run. As the sector adjusts … Continue reading

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How do I take care of myself when government says I shouldn’t?

Yesterday I saw Nancy Pelosi on television giving the press her response to Republican efforts to significantly amend the Affordable Care Act. I zoned out as she attempted to describe the benefits some Americans would lose should the Republicans have … Continue reading

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The Democrats continue signaling their anti-liberty ways

Tom Perez should be on his way to the airport now, having secured the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee in an election here in Atlanta. Mr Perez, the former U.S. secretary of labor under former president Barack Obama, beat … Continue reading

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So far Trump is winning the political marketing war

No. Donald Trump is not popular, but the bundle of political twigs has packaged for his constituents has more traction than the political packages being put together by Democrats. Mr Trump has, so far via a slew of executive orders, … Continue reading

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Low approval rating and U.S. being “not so innocent” gives Trump centrist opportunity

Donald Trump has a low approval rating. According to data cited by Time, 53% of Americans disapprove of how the 45th president is doing his job while 44% give him the thumbs up. Comments made last weekend about similarities between … Continue reading

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Is it time for the Democratic version of the Tea Party?

CNBC’s Rick Santelli’s April 2009 rant regarding proposed stimulus spending by the Obama administration contributed to the birth of the Tea Party, that fringe element of the Republican Party that advocated for less government interference in the markets, reduced government … Continue reading

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First Blush: Trump’s independence key to reducing regulations

Pundits expected the Republican Party to implode, but with the Democratic Party’s failure to craft a message that appealed to working poor and rural whites, it is the Democratic brand that is now under serious fire. This failure to connect … Continue reading

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Are black Americans strategically leveraging their votes?

Last night’s midterm elections should be a wake up call for the black American electorate.  Last night’s repudiation of the Obama administration’s policies should cause Black Americans to start asking themselves whether their current approach to extracting goods and services … Continue reading

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So which political party is good at managing the #economy?

So which political party is good at managing the economy? According to data from U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, the U.S. Senate, and the U.S. House of Representatives, since Congress passed the Employment Act of 1946, the Democrats have controlled … Continue reading

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Karl Rove, unsurprisingly, does not get the immigrant hustle mentality

Karl Rove, former adviser to President George W. Bush, wrote an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal laying out how the Republican Party could snatch victory from the jars of defeat.  Mr. Rove succinctly described what the Republicans want in … Continue reading

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