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Janet Yellen’s real girl power and anarcho-capitalist life boats

The leaders of your country are making moves on behalf of their constituents. Don’t get excited. By now you should know I’m not talking about the verbose blow-fart sitting in a cushy chair in some government office suite. I’m talking … Continue reading

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A war on #capital is not what we need

It is unfortunate that Bernie Sanders has reduced the political economy down to a battle between the wealthy and the rest of us. Since Mr. Sanders is an uber-statist there should be no surprise that he would leave government off … Continue reading

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Let’s give labor and the producer the full credit

The U.S. Department of Labor today release its Jobs Situation Report. The labor market saw an increase of 242,000 and the unemployment rate remained at 4.9%, the traditional indicator of full employment. I suspect the Obama supporters will heap praises … Continue reading

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With China’s slow down, should Trump still have a beef

Donald Trump’s displeasure with Chinese economic policy is well documented. Mr. Trump takes issue with China’s devaluation of its currency; their determination to make their exports cheaper than American goods; and the impact a devalued Chinese currency has on America’s … Continue reading

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The only things you should be afraid of are the institutions that tell you to be afraid

I’m watching CSPAN and listening to Lauren French, a congressional reporter for Politico, talking about the fear that Americans are experiencing right now and how candidates like Donald Trump have been able to tap into this fear. This fear may … Continue reading

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To best understand the economy, replace government with self?

The Republican presidential debate on 10 November 2015 did little to enlighten me on how these candidates view the role of American government in the economy. Ted Cruz, the senator from Texas, shared with us that he intended to eliminate … Continue reading

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Time for a proactive community approach to attracting #capital?

A recent article in the Times-Pucayune has me thinking (again) about the approach inner city communities take to developing their economies.  It has me questioning the entire “community activist” approach to bringing jobs and businesses to an area.  In the … Continue reading

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Presidential candidates not demonstrating that they can lead in a world without work

Derek Thompson recently wrote a piece in The Atlantic about how technology could erase millions of jobs and asked whether that would be a good thing.  While Mr. Thompson explored the benefits of more Americans enjoying the freedom of more … Continue reading

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America’s constitution isn’t found on paper

To resolve fiscal or societal issues in the United States, the last place you want to start is the U.S. Constitution. It tells us very little if anything about how political and economic power are generated, allocated, or used.  A … Continue reading

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So what the hell is middle class economics?

President Barack Obama during his state of the union address last night introduced the concept of “middle class economics.” My first reaction was, “what the hell is middle class economics?”  Are we referring to how middle class consumers leverage their … Continue reading

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