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Random thoughts on value of college degree

About 20 years ago I noticed a trend in Florida state government where secretaries were going back to school to get their BS degrees. They had gone from secretaries to administrative assistants seemingly overnight as the demands of their positions … Continue reading

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Stop Lying to Your Kids About #College

What keeps colleges in business is a prospective employer’s desire to adhere to a narrative that proof of knowledge is best evidenced by some certification in the form of a transcript or a diploma. That model is slowly being eroded … Continue reading

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Why “God” does not make for good public education #policy

Public policy is like the white ball you use to knock the other balls on the pool table into the holes on the side.  I admit that’s about all I know about pool, but I use the analogy to describe … Continue reading

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My response to Charles Blow’s recent piece in The New York Times regarding the Common Core standards.

Teaching to another test? No thank you, but I do agree that we have to focus on showing our children how to think critically. That starts at home.  Children are naturally inquisitive and we have to help hone their thought … Continue reading

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#Education as bottleneck and the herd mentality

Our #education system is messed up because we teach to a test & not to our students’ passions. We teach to feeding our colleges and universities with fresh faces and bodies while not accepting that our colleges and universities are … Continue reading

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Education reform starts with listening to your kids

Yesterday I attended my son’s “shirt day” ceremony.  As part of heir rites of passage from the fifth to the sixth grade, students who did well were presented with one free school uniform shirt.  It’s a cool gesture I suppose … Continue reading

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#College admission shouldn’t be about #extracurricular activities

Yesterday while driving home with my son, we were listening to Market Place, a radio program on public radio.  There was an article about what a Charles County, Maryland family is doing to prep their kids for college.  The children … Continue reading

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Wishing upon a star versus dodging an asteroid

Presidential elections are like that distant star you make a wish on. The issues are esoteric and the candidates and their posse are typically a bunch of bourgeoisie (Obama, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett) that you have nothing in common with. … Continue reading

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Encouraging Education is Great. Encouraging Capital Accumulation is Ideal

I took a few minutes to go back over President Obama’s speech before the National Governors Association delivered yesterday. Mr. Obama’s argument that the nation must make opportunities available for Americans to pursue higher education makes economic sense given the … Continue reading

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Obama is an Elitist, but is Santorum Really a Capitalist?

Rick Santorum yesterday referred to President Barack Obama as a “snob” for issuing the call that all Americans go to college. I agree that Mr. Obama is an elitist. He is a people person, however, so I wouldn’t go as … Continue reading

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