Bond yields as Joe Biden inches closer to winning more Electoral College votes.

As of 3:14 pm 4 November 2020, U.S. Treasury rates and Federal Funds rates are as follows:

3-month: .09%

6-month: .10%

12-month: .12%

2-year: .14%

10-year: .76%

30-year: 1.54%

Fed Funds Rate: 0.08%

Federal Reserve Target: 0.25%

Prime Rate: 3.25%

Source: Bloomberg

Major event in the United States:  Ballot counting is continuing in the U.S. presidential elections. Democratic presidential candidate Joseph R. Biden is projected to win 227 Electoral College votes while Republican candidate Donald J. Trump is projected to garner 214 Electoral College votes.

In addition, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System conclude their Federal Open Market Committee meeting tomorrow.

Source: Reuters