Federal Reserve reference rates, crypto rate, foreign exchange rates as of 10:32 am.

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The Beige Book tells me that Atlanta residents should continue to see interest rates rise.

Present the public with concise facts about causes of economic woes but the causes should not be politicized. Rather lay out strategies and tactics for addressing the city’s woes and act publicly and with intent. The optic of getting something of substance done and ensuring that the public is aware of what is being done should keep the criticisms tamped down while increasing the level of confidence in the city’s public officials.

Georgia has to decide who can guide its state political economy through a rough patch of inflation

The role of government is to act as a transfer agent between taxpayers and bondholders. Government taxes the spread between a taxpayer’s work efforts and what the taxpayer yields from those efforts. Government takes its cut and passes on the rest to its bondholders. As a people manager, government creates narratives to encourage more yield and implements policies to encourage or support actions that create that yield.