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Janet Yellen’s real girl power and anarcho-capitalist life boats

The leaders of your country are making moves on behalf of their constituents. Don’t get excited. By now you should know I’m not talking about the verbose blow-fart sitting in a cushy chair in some government office suite. I’m talking … Continue reading

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#HillaryClinton should read the Full Employment Act

Hillary Clinton today came out hard against Donald Trump’s attack on the Federal Reserve, where the real estate developer and Republican nominee for president accused the American central bank of creating a “false economy.” Mrs Clinton in responses chided Mr … Continue reading

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Economic policy that puts labor on the back burner

Glenn Hubbard wrote a piece yesterday for The Wall Street Journal asking where the workers were, addressing how effective monetary and fiscal policy are in increasing labor force participation while reducing the level of unemployment. According to Mr. Hubbard, while … Continue reading

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The long term #unemployed. #economy #capital

Binyamin Appelbaum recently posted a piece in The New York Times’ Economix blog regarding the job prospects for the long-term unemployed.  A significant number of the long term unemployed are not white, a little older, and a little more educated.  Employers, right or wrong, … Continue reading

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#WhiteHouse & #Congress beg the question: Do we still need a federal #budget?

Yesterday the Republican-controlled House of Representatives passed a continuing resolution, H.J. Resolution 59, to keep the federal government up and running with a catch: Congress would have to de-fund the Affordable Care Act also known as Obama Care. The GOP has … Continue reading

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.@RepKevinBrady had it right until he said bi-partisan commission

U.S. Representative Kevin Brady, Republican of Texas and chairman of the Joint Economic Committee penned an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal asking readers to take their eyes off of the distraction over who should be the next chairman and focus … Continue reading

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With a Larry Summers pick, will #Obama once again show that Danny Glover was right?

Maureen Dowd wants to know if President Obama will continue the good ole boy club by selecting Larry Summers to replace Ben S. Bernanke as head of the Federal Reserve.  That’s one question she posed yesterday in a The New … Continue reading

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Media diversity may start with the Federal Reserve vs. the FCC

I just finished reading a post by the Cato Institute’s Steve H. Hanke where Mr. Hanke argues that the Federal Reserve’s target of zero to one quarter of a percent federal funds rate is actually exacerbating the credit crunch still … Continue reading

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People aren’t using smartphones to obtain capital. Not very smart.

Today I read through the Federal Reserve’s survey of consumer usage of mobile financial services to see if consumers were by chance using smartphones to obtain capital.  Much to my chagrin, when it came to borrowing, smartphone users appear to … Continue reading

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The effectiveness of Federal Reserve initiatives on Black American hiring

.I wrote a piece for Politic365.com about the effect of Federal Reserve initiatives on the unemployment rate for Black Americans.  Since the Federal Reserve has a double mandate; to stabilize prices while promoting full employment, I decided to look at … Continue reading

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