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I have expectations, not rights

Rights come from our humanity, according to Judge Andrew Napolitano. I don’t like the word rights. I always align it with some special privilege that government can give and take away when it wants. I prefer expectations as a human … Continue reading

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Collectivism. Taking away your freedom to be

Collectivism sends the false message that just because people share a skin color or physical location or a citizenship then one person has a license to get in another person’s business. This intrusion ranges from the State telling a woman … Continue reading

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The illusion of restraint

If you constantly look to some other group for the authority to act in your best interest, how can you ever be free? If you live your life according to doctrines and philosophies created long ago by people who are … Continue reading

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Mubarak is gone. Now what?

Mubarak is gone, leaving a military council in place. May God have mercy on these cheering idiots….You want change? Now you have it. The Egyptian military will extort more cash out of the U.S. by claiming they have to crack … Continue reading

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