No, Mr Warnock. Voting is not prayer. Voting is a part of the selection process in a tax-funded popularity contest.

On 8 April 1913, the 17th amendment that provided for “direct” election of a U.S. senator was ratified. Some would … More

Georgia’s congressional Democratic representatives tout the political not economic narrative on inflation.

The narrative has been disingenuous on the part of Mr Biden and on the part of Georgia Democrats. Their lane is a political lane and over 100 years ago, Congress decided that the money vehicle would not be driven in the political lane. Saying that they can do something about inflation while acknowledging the money supply is the responsibility of the Federal Reserve only confuses voters.

Stacey Abrams is not a black candidate and that’s great for Georgia’s progressive Democrats.

Do blacks really need electoral candidates whose mission is to run for office so that they can represent everyone else? Ms Abrams and other members of the black political class may want to design and deploy another political power mechanism that allows them to focus on the electorate that shares their heritage, lineage, and ethnicity while not worrying about offending people who don’t share their history.

Georgia has to decide who can guide its state political economy through a rough patch of inflation

The role of government is to act as a transfer agent between taxpayers and bondholders. Government taxes the spread between a taxpayer’s work efforts and what the taxpayer yields from those efforts. Government takes its cut and passes on the rest to its bondholders. As a people manager, government creates narratives to encourage more yield and implements policies to encourage or support actions that create that yield.