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Of markets, god, and scams

The stock market is a scam, a scheme developed by the corporatists element of the State to entice you to return what’s left of your disposable income to them in return for speculative and unpredictable capital gains that, if actualized, … Continue reading

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I have expectations, not rights

Rights come from our humanity, according to Judge Andrew Napolitano. I don’t like the word rights. I always align it with some special privilege that government can give and take away when it wants. I prefer expectations as a human … Continue reading

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The Cloud is our new god; the hashtag our new chapel

About 15 years ago I was a reporter covering a technology event in Washington, DC. I happened to sit next to a gentleman in his mid to late sixties who started up a conversation about the internet. Broadband was in … Continue reading

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#Fiscal and #budget policy is not a part of #God’s economy

For a significant number of Christians, God’s plan for the economy means hard work on their part with no expectation of intervention and if a Christian fails, so be it.  For policy makers, such an attitude, especially among lesser educated … Continue reading

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Why “God” does not make for good public education #policy

Public policy is like the white ball you use to knock the other balls on the pool table into the holes on the side.  I admit that’s about all I know about pool, but I use the analogy to describe … Continue reading

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Can #secularism become a defacto #religion thus violating the Establishment Clause? I don’t think so

Yesterday an article was posted in Yahoo! News discussing the culture wars over displays of holiday ornaments in public spaces such as schools, court houses, and government office buildings.  A number of states have passed or are considering passing legislation … Continue reading

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So Paul Ryan Likes Ayn Rand. So What?

Some Americans are taking issue with the late atheist and capitalist evangelist Ayn Rand’s influence over a young Paul Ryan. Like Ms. Rand, Mr. Ryan places a greater emphasis on the individual American’s ability to take care of himself with … Continue reading

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