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Political law

Politics is about getting others to do what you want when you want it while having others pay the transactions cost for getting what you want when you want it. Politics is also about turning public resources into pools of … Continue reading

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The Apolitical State

The State organizes a nation’s resources for efficient, effective, and profitable exploitation with returns going to: 1. The State, in the form of tax revenues, government jobs, power, and prestige; 2. Bond holders, in the form of coupon payments; and … Continue reading

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The only things you should be afraid of are the institutions that tell you to be afraid

I’m watching CSPAN and listening to Lauren French, a congressional reporter for Politico, talking about the fear that Americans are experiencing right now and how candidates like Donald Trump have been able to tap into this fear. This fear may … Continue reading

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The role of #government: jurisdiction v. nation

The role of government is very simple and two-fold. First, government creates the environment for the flow of capital to and the accumulation of capital for the oligarchs in a geo-political-economic jurisdiction. Second, government is responsible for keeping the barbarians … Continue reading

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America’s constitution isn’t found on paper

To resolve fiscal or societal issues in the United States, the last place you want to start is the U.S. Constitution. It tells us very little if anything about how political and economic power are generated, allocated, or used.  A … Continue reading

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On #poverty, .@RepPaulRyan’s approach is too top-down

In an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal, U.S. Representative Paul J. Ryan, Republican of Wisconsin, shared his thoughts on the appropriate fiscal approach for resolving the issue of poverty in the United States.  In his piece Mr. Ryan tries to … Continue reading

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Random thoughts on #HobbyLobby

There are two takeaways from the case. First, the state’s mission is to use government as a redistribution mechanism for wealth. This is why factions, left, right, and center, battle for control of government every two years. In the case … Continue reading

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Government’s role in the American commonweal

My good friend Miguel Lloyd this morning posed this question to me during the politics segment of Life Full Circle Radio.  Suppose we were to start the country over from day zero.  I was immediately excited by the proposition especially … Continue reading

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Just a thought, observation on a new, probably cynical definition of nations and government

This is all subject to check and the thought can probably change within minutes, hours, days, but a thought nonetheless.  Anyway, here goes. What do mean by “nation?”  People hear the word and the first thought is about soft stuff … Continue reading

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March to academic madness

I can’t speak for instructors in other disciplines, but having degreed in and taught law, government, and economics, I can say with some authority that the biggest mistake professors of law, government, and economics make is failing to tell their … Continue reading

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