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No, American laborer. It’s not your job. #DACA #immigration

I always find it amazing when Americans express anger towards immigrants who come into the United States and take “their jobs.” If it is “your job”, why did you allow someone to take it? If a mechanism for compensation is … Continue reading

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Playing devil’s advocate on big government

I’m starting to wonder if it’s less about the size of government and more about whether society has settled on a vision for itself.  In theory government is crafted to carry out society’s vision.  Yes, I believe that American national … Continue reading

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Labor shortage means two things

How many of you buy President Obama’s argument that we need to relax immigration law so that we can keep foreign workers from leaving the U.S. with their PhDs? I’m just throwing this out there because I view the proposed … Continue reading

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Immigration a Head of State Test for Mittens

According to The Wall Street Journal, President Obama is trying to put a gap between his approach to immigration policy and that of Governor Romney. If you subscribe, you can see the article here. The immigration issue is a good … Continue reading

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