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Of markets, god, and scams

The stock market is a scam, a scheme developed by the corporatists element of the State to entice you to return what’s left of your disposable income to them in return for speculative and unpredictable capital gains that, if actualized, … Continue reading

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The Latest from Mayberry: Of Pimps, Prostitutes, and Capital

Fifty years from now the socio-economic-political classifications of race, lower income, and middle income will either be erased or severely minimized. In their place there will be two major classes. One class will be the high income class, where the … Continue reading

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#Obama: middle-out vs. fizzle-out

Tomorrow President Barack Obama is expected to discuss initiatives for spurring growth in the U.S. economy.  According to a The New York Times article, the usual suspects are expected to pepper his speech with no new sweeping proposals expected.  Do … Continue reading

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Lower rates may spark longer term manufacturing jobs

Ben Bernanke is doing his best with what he has.  He strikes me as a noble man who wants the get this economy out of a rut.  I don’t claim to have his keen intellect, but coming from a long … Continue reading

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Two-speed economy or two-tiered economy

So why do Americans feel like we are still in a recession when the data shows that the economy has been growing over the past year? The New York Times’ Catherine Rampell addressed that based on some insights from Alan … Continue reading

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