Foreign exchange rates of interest to Atlanta’s larger immigrant communities as of 12:27 pm, 30 October 2022

USD/MXN=19.7858 USD/INR=82.2526 USD/JMD=151.17 USD/KRW=1,421.64 USD/VND=24,825.50 USD/CNY=7.24695 USD/NGN=437.5 USD/GTQ=7.63465 USD/SVC=8.75 USD/COP=4,825.76 USD/ETB=53.0545 USD/PKR=220.685 Source: OANDA

Foreign exchange and cryptocurrency rates as of 3:10 pm EDT

I am taking a different approach when monitoring foreign exchange and cryptocurrency rates. The battle between East and West is one traders should be looking at. Today, take a look at the price of the dollar and the rouble in terms of various BRIC nations. Will commodity nations take the day by having their resources pegged to a reserve currency?

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