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What are Democrats doing to increase political market share?

The past six months of negative press for President Trump should provide Democrats with an opportunity to reduce Mr Trump’s electoral base, but if that opportunity exists, I don’t see Democrats taking advantage of it, not just yet anyway. A … Continue reading

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#Broadband infrastructure: So far I don’t see Congressional Republicans riding to Trump’s rescue

The markets took a beating yesterday; a one percent correction that even saw broadband stocks like Comcast (-1.09%), T-Mobile (-1.01%), and Sprint (-1.74%) take a hit. Ironically, while Verizon and AT&T were down also, (-.42% and -.75%, respectively), their decreases … Continue reading

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Speaking to bad perception of broadband and infrastructure

A couple mornings ago while watching C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, a caller argued forcefully that President Donald Trump should not treat broadband as infrastructure. Infrastructure, according to the caller, included roads, bridges, airports, harbors, but not broadband. The caller didn’t go … Continue reading

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Tax reform or another #infrastructure #stimulus

By taxing accumulated off-shore earnings and changing depreciation schedules, would a one-time bump in tax revenues from these adjustments amount to a stimulus? Sounds like it, especially where the alleged intent of President Obama is to use the one-time bump … Continue reading

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Is Level of Obama Direct Investment in Energy Companies Appropriate

In an opinion piece for The Washington Post, Marc Thiessen raises an issue with President Barack Obama’s public equity record. By public equity, Mr. Thiessen is describing questionable loan guarantees and direct grants made to a number of private firms, … Continue reading

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Obama signals move to the center

President Obama’s proposal for jump starting the economy with an infrastructure plan seeded by $50 billion of federal government funds was more strategy than substance. It was an operation in triangulation minus any anesthesia that Bill Clinton would have used. … Continue reading

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It’s about time on infrastructure

Finally. A move in the right direction. Mr. Obama is supporting an infrastructure investment plan that will be seeded with $50 billion and include the development of an infrastructure bank. Mort Zuckerman will be pleased with this beginning. It’s a … Continue reading

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Divided Democrats. Nothing New.

Just read an interesting post in The New York Times about the dysfunctional and divided Democratic Party. Interesting how the Democrats craft two costly legislative proposals, the stimulus package and health care reform, and run for cover by leaving Mr. … Continue reading

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