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The digital seas don’t need #netneutrality mercantilism

Just like any trade, the producers of digitized content should expect that their packages may be lost at digital sea. In the case of the internet, producers, whether they are sending licensed video entertainment from their servers or pictures from … Continue reading

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The Federal Reserve should do Congress’ net neutrality work

Next Wednesday the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve will meet in Washington to announce whether the central bank has raised its target for interest rates that its member banks charge each other for overnight loans. Rate changes can … Continue reading

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Why wouldn’t government want Comcast and Google to manage your information?

American households represent untapped information that government wants to grow, harvest, and exploit. Local, state, and federal governments have data on your birth, your matriculation through school, your educational status, your income, your health records, your marital status, the schools … Continue reading

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#Liberals show naivete about the internet

In an opinion piece published last week in The Washington Post, Senator Al Franken, Democrat of Minnesota, Senator Ron Wyden, Democrat of Oregon, and former Federal Communications Commission chairman Tom Wheeler made the argument that planned attempts by current FCC … Continue reading

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Communications networks as platforms for individuality. Politicians should take note

It’s interesting how disconnectedly connected society is becoming with technology. It still trips me out how two people can walk or drive together with their noses stuck in an iPhone.  It is the great thing about broadband. High-speed access to … Continue reading

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Would more transparency on the part of data brokers be good for investors?

I came across an article in The Wall Street Journal about “device fingerprinting.” Device fingerprinting is information collected about a remote computing device for the purpose of identification. Data brokers use fingerprints can be used to fully or partially identify … Continue reading

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If the FCC is serious about regulating the #internet like a utility, then this is what it should do

The argument that access to the internet via broadband networks should be regulated like a public utility sends society the wrong message about how information moves along the internet and that it is okay to devalue information, data, content along … Continue reading

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What part of the #Internet is #Congress, @FCC talking about

Federal Communications Commission chairman Tom Wheeler’s testimony nor the questions and comments from members of the House Sub-committee on communications and technology did little to shed light on encouraging broadband adoption or deployment.  A significant portion of today’s chatter centered … Continue reading

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Stop Lying to Your Kids About #College

What keeps colleges in business is a prospective employer’s desire to adhere to a narrative that proof of knowledge is best evidenced by some certification in the form of a transcript or a diploma. That model is slowly being eroded … Continue reading

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#Technology doesn’t drive growth. It’s the knowledge that flows through it that does

Eduardo Porter argues in a piece for The New York Times that technological innovation drives growth depending on how deeply embedded technology is in the things we do.  The piece also addressed the question if technology is showing up everywhere, why … Continue reading

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