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Shorter Yellen

Janet Yellen is speaking to the National Association of Business Economists. I will summarize her remarks thus sparing you an onset of ennui. In short: People who own capital will have to seek out riskier investments in order to see … Continue reading

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With a Larry Summers pick, will #Obama once again show that Danny Glover was right?

Maureen Dowd wants to know if President Obama will continue the good ole boy club by selecting Larry Summers to replace Ben S. Bernanke as head of the Federal Reserve.  That’s one question she posed yesterday in a The New … Continue reading

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Yellen acknowledges interest rate risks

Interesting blog post in The Wall Street Journal regarding Fed vice chairman Janet Yellen’s acknowledgment that lowering interest rates has its risks. It seems that the biggest risk is the decreasing credibility of quantitative easing as a policy tool for … Continue reading

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