Focusing less on Trump’s performance and more on his importance ….

The perceptions of Mr Trump’s character are so far apart from the perception of what democracy and good government means that it brings into the electoral markets voters on a crusade to set things right. Mr Trump’s importance has more to do with getting voters to participate than selecting the right policy.

Cryptocurrency prices continue to limp along in light of strong dollar and Federal Reserve action …

Fortunately for Mr Biden’s political economy, the vast majority of Americans have no where else to go. Being a digital nomad may be an option for a number of Americans, but even as foreign exchange rates between the US dollar, the pound, and the euro flirt with parity, Mr Biden realizes he has a captive audience that will opt for the greater availability of resources here in the U.S.

Elizabeth Warren’s bill almost gives Joe Biden some cover … almost.

To Mrs Warren’s credit, she is two-thirds of the way in meeting her thinly-veiled objective which is to provide Joe Biden and the Democrats with as much cover as possible going into the mid-terms. The objective here is to separate the Democrats from the inflation problem by providing a legislative initiative while reminding the electorate that the management of the money supply, the real cause of inflation, is in the Federal Reserve’s lane.