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A more precise preamble to the American Constitution

“We the Investors in the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Corporation, establish Contract, Property, Tort, and Criminal Law, insure domestic Tranquility by regulating the behavior of our Wage Earners and Slaves (otherwise known as Citizens), provide … Continue reading

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On pacifism …. #libertarian

There is a difference between self-defense and war. Self-defense is a logical reaction to any threat to your individual physical and emotional existence. War, on the other hand, is illogical,immoral, and inhumane. It leads to the subjugation of another people … Continue reading

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You’re not American. It’s okay

It’s understandable to want to “belong.”  Waving your country’s flag means you’re happy to be a part of a group connected by the freedoms associated with consumer choice, political participation, and personal expression, with as little overt regulation as possible. … Continue reading

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When lawmakers are afraid to “come out”

Earlier this week, Politico Magazine published an item featuring former U.S. Representative Barney Frank, Democrat of Massachusetts, and his revelation that he is an atheist.   Unfortunately let freedom ring and land of the free, home of the brave does … Continue reading

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Dishonoring our ancestors…

Our ancestors didn’t die so that we would settle for handouts.  They died for the cause of self-determination, the very essence of liberty.  We dishonor them when we bitch and scrape for bits of scrabble disguised as “investment” and “help”.  … Continue reading

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Some random thoughts on voting

What are we really voting for when we vote?  It goes beyond the candidate’s looks, charisma, and personality for some of us.  What we are really doing with our vote is making a purchase.  We are purchasing a package of … Continue reading

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