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Of markets, god, and scams

The stock market is a scam, a scheme developed by the corporatists element of the State to entice you to return what’s left of your disposable income to them in return for speculative and unpredictable capital gains that, if actualized, … Continue reading

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.@FCC should mind its role in the movement of #capital

Last week at the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council conference on access to capital, I posed a question about whether a definitive declaration of effective competition would help move more capital into the wireless market. I really didn’t expect a … Continue reading

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The market alone should be enough of an indicator on #privacy, Mr. #Obama

President Obama shared earlier this week an attempt at empathizing with those concerned about the sharing by Internet and telecommunications companies of private communications data with the United States government.  Mr. Obama tried to convey that we should expect to … Continue reading

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Media diversity may start with the Federal Reserve vs. the FCC

I just finished reading a post by the Cato Institute’s Steve H. Hanke where Mr. Hanke argues that the Federal Reserve’s target of zero to one quarter of a percent federal funds rate is actually exacerbating the credit crunch still … Continue reading

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Is the Justice Department into choosing victims and victors?

The U.S. Department of Justice appears to be front and center lately when it comes to market interference.  For an agency that promotes competition in the markets, its recent interference with the information markets and expressed opposition to certain players … Continue reading

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#Communitycapital should start with individual #capital

Community capital has been touted by some in the emerging impact investment markets as a new form of capitalism where the private, public, voluntary, and community sectors come together to help promote the use of economic, environmental, social, and human capital … Continue reading

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We need a government that promotes commerce. Let’s start with the FCC

Consumers and producers should regulate themselves.  This regulation should stem primarily from the contractual relationship between consumer and producer with conflicts mediated privately or in our court system.  Administrative agencies should focus not on creating competition, but on making sure … Continue reading

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Romney move to the middle on labor policy signals a willingness to distort the labor markets.

Today in The Hill.com, Mitt Romney voiced his support for reformed job training programs for Americans and stepping up efforts to increase the number of highly skilled foreign recruited into the United States.  The Hill quotes Mr. Romney as saying, … Continue reading

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Google redefinition of net neutrality and need for FCC to redefine itself

Patrick Hunter’s August 1, 2010 article in CedMagazine.com raises two important points. The first point goes to the definition of network neutrality. Net neutrality proponents have been diluting the definition of net neutrality over the past few months. It’s gone … Continue reading

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