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Minorities should seek a bigger slice of the new media pie … as investors and owners

The digital divide argument, that there is a disparity between non-whites and whites when it comes to broadband access, is losing its mojo for me. While broadband access for minority households via hard line may fall behind that of white … Continue reading

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A better media model in the era of Trump

Watching news has become increasingly painful for the past two decades, with the demand for aspirin increasing exponentially, it seems, over the past three and a half months. At Mr Trump’s press conference last Thursday, he railed against the media’s … Continue reading

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Donald Trump, Broadband, and the Bully Pulpit

The power of the president of the United States lies in his ability to persuade and Americans should not be dismayed by President-elect Donald Trump’s use of social media to share his perceptions of the political world around him. Mr … Continue reading

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AT&T should share content with consumers, not carriers

Critics of AT&T’s proposed hook up with Time Warner frequently refer to the fear that AT&T will either market its content to its subscribers at the cost of steering consumers away from non-affiliated content or not grant other carriers access … Continue reading

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The pursuit of greater returns on capital resulted in the blurring of telecom, media, and entertainment

Part of the naivete of the net neutrality argument was how it ignored the realities of the broadband industry and the role of capital.  Broadband access to the internet has never been about the democratization of self-expression but about the … Continue reading

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Of “‪#‎Selma‬”, ‪#‎media‬ manipulation, and discussions of true value.

Once again the main stream media has borrowed the advice of Heath Ledger’s “Joker” and has created insanity among the socio-economic group known as “black” people by carefully coordinating two events, the celebration of Martin Luther King’s birthday and the … Continue reading

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For a party that touts #liberty, .@GOP has a ways to go

On Friday, the Republican National Committee voted unanimously to exclude CNN and NBC from moderating any of the Republican primary debates in 2016.  Why?  Because the GOP has an issue with how CNN and NBC create, promote, and leverage their … Continue reading

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Two hundred years of political #media power control marches, #boycotts, and sit-ins

Two interesting points from this Miami Herald article. First, the description of Governor Rick Scott’s intent not to seek a repeal of the Stand Your Ground law in Florida. He is described as being on “safe ground” on the issue … Continue reading

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Media diversity may start with the Federal Reserve vs. the FCC

I just finished reading a post by the Cato Institute’s Steve H. Hanke where Mr. Hanke argues that the Federal Reserve’s target of zero to one quarter of a percent federal funds rate is actually exacerbating the credit crunch still … Continue reading

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Is the Justice Department into choosing victims and victors?

The U.S. Department of Justice appears to be front and center lately when it comes to market interference.  For an agency that promotes competition in the markets, its recent interference with the information markets and expressed opposition to certain players … Continue reading

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