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Public comment on health care law is chimp noise… #healthcare

I will not comment on the bill passed yesterday by the U.S. House of Representatives that continues financial support and regulation of the health insurance market. I will not comment because, like most of the representatives and almost everyone on … Continue reading

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Obamacare vs. Trumpcare: As far as the markets are concerned, a difference that makes no difference is no difference

Whether Obamacare is replaced with Trumpcare or not, the following scenario for insurance companies is probable. First, if Obamacare is replaced with Trumpcare, insurance company stock values will take a hit in the very short run. As the sector adjusts … Continue reading

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It’s easy to get cynical about we the people

How much does our Constitution say about the structure of and the exchanges within our society?  I thought about this question while contemplating the perspectives of the Republicans and Democrats toward health care financing under the Affordable Care Act.  To … Continue reading

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The Priebus Ultimatum is not how you win votes

I just have a quick comment about Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus’ ultimatum to CNN and NBC on their plans to produce a documentary and television movie, respectively, about former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Mr, Priebus promises … Continue reading

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GOP and Obamacare: The 40th time will not be the charm

So the Republican held U.S. House of Representatives took another crack at dismantling #Obamacare by passing legislation that prohibits the Internal Revenue Service from implementing the Affordable Care Act. The IRS is responsible for assessing the mandate on individuals and … Continue reading

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Mittens not Using His Head

Mitt Romney isn’t very smart. He puts himself out on a limb by saying he is going to repeal ObamaCare when he can’t even secure a Republican majority in both chambers of Congress. He will need this in order to … Continue reading

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Today’s SCOTUS Decision Represents a Total Waste of Time

If ObamaCare fails, it will be a result of Congress and the President failing to focus on interstate commerce. If illness can travel across state lines, so should health care finance. Let insurance companies sell across state lines. Compromising on … Continue reading

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In response to Senator Ron Johnson’s “Obamacare and Carey’s Heart

While I believe that the Affordable Health Care Act doesn’t do much to make health care affordable much less help Americans take better care of themselves, politicians like Senator Ron Johnson, Republican of Wisconsin, are at their best when simply feeding paranoid … Continue reading

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Got to do more than just cut spending

According to a piece in The Wall Street Journal, the GOP, in anticipation of taking the House in the fall, plan on blocking funding for a number of programs including Obamacare. Predictable maneuver based on fear of reprisals by the … Continue reading

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