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The meek will not inherit the Earth. They are too weak ….

In the end, it will be the foragers who survive and inherit the Earth. They understand that the limit to their ability to consume is directly related to what the Earth naturally provides. Immediately after the apocalypse, there may not … Continue reading

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The role of #government: jurisdiction v. nation

The role of government is very simple and two-fold. First, government creates the environment for the flow of capital to and the accumulation of capital for the oligarchs in a geo-political-economic jurisdiction. Second, government is responsible for keeping the barbarians … Continue reading

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American society is dead. Long live American society

The problem with American politics is that too many members of the electorate believe they live in an actual society. A population of 315 million diverse individuals, a significant number of whom cannot trace their lineage to any of the … Continue reading

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America’s constitution isn’t found on paper

To resolve fiscal or societal issues in the United States, the last place you want to start is the U.S. Constitution. It tells us very little if anything about how political and economic power are generated, allocated, or used.  A … Continue reading

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Playing devil’s advocate on big government

I’m starting to wonder if it’s less about the size of government and more about whether society has settled on a vision for itself.  In theory government is crafted to carry out society’s vision.  Yes, I believe that American national … Continue reading

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Poverty, society, and government

According to my trusty Webster’s New World Dictionary, society is defined as a group of persons forming a single community or the system of living together in such a group. Government, as defined by professors Benjamin Ginsberg, Theodore Lowi, and … Continue reading

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